High Cost Doesn’t Always ≠ High Quality

By: Nikki Nies

mmix_4432_mOur minds play tricks on us all throughout the day, consciously and subconsciously.  How many subliminal messages and/or marketing techniques do you recognize when passing billboards, posters, advertisements and/or the ubiquitous propaganda? While I’m sure the number of “codes” is well into the thousands, don’t let the food you eat trick you either!

We eat with our eyes, but also with our minds.  We associate paying more with receiving higher quality products.  Yes, canned crab meat is going to cost less than Maryland crab that’s just been shelled and cleaned, but can you tell the difference in food quality between less significant food cost disparities?

We all love to indulge from time to time, my point is remember what you’re eating. High end chefs have a galore of ingredients in their arsenal and they aren’t afraid to use butter! Therefore, it’s not always correct to associate higher cost with higher quality! A systemic review led by Stanford University found there is not strong evidence that organic foods are more nutritious than conventional foods. While this has led to controversial backlash, it’s important to your own research on what foods you eat.  Take ownership of your health and aim to consume a more well rounded, varied diet.

Furthermore, a study conducted by Cornell University, revealed that people who paid $8 instead of $4 for the food enjoyed their meal 11 per cent more than those who ate the cheaper buffet.  It’s suggested people tend to associate cost with quality, leading to changes in perception of how food tastes. While price doesn’t seem to impact how much one eats, it affects how one interprets the experience.

What food misperceptions have you unknowingly made in the past? What tricks do you have to assess the quality of food?

Photo Credit:Money Mix  

Sources: http://www.medicaldaily.com/expensive-food-tastes-better-even-when-its-not-optimizing-buffet-experience-280552


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