Downfall of “Ideal” Weight

I-determine-my-own-ideal-bodyBy: Nikki Nies

Neologists are people that help coin, create and/or make new words.  I’m sure when the neologists were formulating the word”ideal”, they couldn’t have predicted the self esteem, body image and insecurities that stem from ideal when paired with the word “body weight.”  In a society, where one’s undeniably critiqued, judged and perceived based on outward appearance, it’s unfortunate that three little words–ideal body weight (IBW) are given so much power.

The dictionary’s definition of:

satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect; most suitable

The dictionary definition of ideal has the word perfect in it.  As we all know, perfection is unattainable.  Can the odds be more stacked against us?

Advocates of IBW may argue that replacement of the word “ideal” with “optimal”, “excellent”, “desired” and/or “perfect” would cause the same stymie to the human psyche.  However, I would argue that you’ve have missed the point of my post.

Can we go back to “healthy” weights? We need to focus on weights that are more “suitable” for people based on body frame, history and family genetics. Where being healthy is celebrated and where weight is just a number, not a dictator?

Photo Credit:ricerca correlati


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