Food Forward

By: Nikki Nies s-FOOD-FORWARD-PBS-large

We’re all familiar with the old saying “In the good ol’ days…” or “When I was a child…”, yet those that are able recap such decades of hardship and/or prosperity may be onto something.  In a matter of decades, food has gone from a source of nourishment, to becoming a source of addiction and contributing to the obesity epidemic on hand.

Where  our food derives from deserves equal attention to what we eat.  Also, understanding the impact of our food choices has on the rest of the ecosystem can provide clarify of the carbon footprint of such choices.

Curious to know more about your food, but not sure where to turn? The Feed Forward Documentary delves into the lives of farmers, chefs, teachers, scientists and entrepreneurs to better learn what viable alternatives are emanating to nourish us AND the planet.  These stories and ideas need to be heard!

Photo Credit:  Huffington Post



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