Halloween Hacks

thBy: Nikki Nies

I’m all for the holidays. Whether it’s the 4th of July or Thanksgiving, the holidays revolve around food. Rightfully so! It’s safe to say that with Halloween around the corner, the start of the holiday festivities are about to begin! However, with many holiday gatherings filling up your calendars, that doesn’t mean you have to walk away from every celebration filled to the brim yourself.

Whether you’re celebrating your first Halloween as a freshmen college student or hosting your very own Halloween party for the neighborhood, having a variety of treats that are guilt free are a great way to start the holiday season on the right foot! 63360bbe5e540b5f57690aeda50d994f

Depending on your own food preferences and palette,that can help you decide what foods are worth indulging in and which foods you want can pass up.  However, I’ve done some research of my own, finding that there are some recipes that aren’t completely loaded with sugar and fat. Why not try a healthier version of the favorite fall pumpkin bread, make a veggie man, microwave baked apples with dried cherries, healthier brownies,mini rice cakes and/or  spiced apple butter bran muffins!

Regarding prevention methods to avoid overindulgence with the Halloween treats. Some friendly suggestions:

  • Agree upon a  x amount of candy that will be limited every day prior to trick or treating
  • Before trick or treating, make sure to eat a snack and/or dinner to prevent caving into the chocolate cravings
  • Keep candy out of plain sight to avoid overindulgence
  • Consider “buying” back candy in exchange for some coins and/or paper!
  • Be a role model and eat candy in moderation. To avoid temptation, buy candy last minute and throw out leftovers.
  • Suggest use of nonfood treats–such as stickers, toys, temporary tattoos, false teeth and/or bubbles

Whatever your Halloween plans are, I hope you enjoy the night and be safe!

Photo Credit:The Family Room Blog and Pinterest




5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween




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