Discovering Healthy Choices

dhcBy: Nikki Nies

Who likes free? If you’re like the rest of the global society, you answered with an emphatic “I DO!!!”  Today you’re in luck, I’m sharing some the free curriculum that was shared with me at FNCE 2014. Discovering Healthy Choices os a garden enhanced nutrition curriculum as part of the Shaping Healthy Choices Program.

The goal with this curriculum is to provide better understanding of nutrition concepts and development o problem solving skills so children and teens can make wise, evidence based decisions about the foods they eat.  The curriculum covers everything from the roles of specific nutrients to MyPlate and physical activity recommendations to explanations on how food companies market their products.

Whether you’re an elementary teacher that wants to incorporate more sustainable practices in your classroom or you’re a dad that wants to teach your kids how to read food labels, this curriculum is friendly to all!

Photo Credit:UC Davis


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