Good Eggs

imagesBy: Nikki Nies

Good Eggs, a warehouse that delivers fresh, sustainable groceries to your door! Foods are guaranteed to be made with integrity and picked “just in time” for use. The company is driven by the mission to grow and sustain local food systems internationally. CEO and co-founder, Rob Spiro, recognizes consumer demand for higher quality produce and transparency of country of origin. The upside is that producers want a more direct relationship with their consumers. Thankfully, Good Eggs bridges the normal gap between producer and consumer.

‘Our food isn’t what you’ll find in any market and you get it hours after the farmers drop it off with us. So, yes, we’re different.’ Rob Spiro, CEO and Founder

Criteria for selling through Good Eggs includes: environmental and ecological transparency of ingredients, fair labor, humane treatment or animals and great taste! 05eggs-druckman-slide-FCA0-tmagArticle

Within two minutes you can order your farm fresh groceries in San Francisco Area, New Orleans, Los Angeles and/or Brooklyn for free. How does Good Eggs make money you ask? They take a percentage of each purveyor’s sales.

If you live in one of the above listed areas, gain access to these fresh foods now!

Photo Credit:Index Ventures and NYTimes Blog 

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