Connect Nutrition Group

1349211600By: Nikki NIes

Being an active health professional does not only mean being a punctual employee, but taking a proactive stance in the food and nutrition industry.  Connect Nutrition Group, led by Penelope (Penny) Clark, MS, RD, CDN, is a a liaison company that connects clients with health and food professional.  Clark partners Registered Dietitians with appropriate events, campaigns,, writing and public policy.

Connections through:

  • Writing: create continuing education program content, journal articles and/or technical papers; write blog and website content
  • Social Media/Media: develop and implement integrated health and nutrition marketing; conduct media monitoring and analysis; oversee food photography; produce and pitch health and food print, broadcast and social media material
  • Education: develop and host webinars for target audience; plan and manage scientific symposium; create nutrition education content for health professionals and consumers
  • Experts:Create and lead scientific advisory boards and speaker bureaus; conduct research and/or focus groups; create food/health blogger influencer networks to provide evidence based messages; connect with consumers through retail dietitians (i.e. supermarkets)
  • Events:  coordinate and staff product launch programs and events; design and plan trade show booths; manage nutrition focused social media events
  • Policy:provide counsel fro product health and nutrition claims and strategy for food & nutrition policy
  • Partnerships: create public and private partnerships on nutrition initiatives to create and brand nutrition messages

Connect Nutrition Group has an extensive background in nutrition communications, clinical nutrition, public relations, marketing, nutrition science, culinary arts and qualitative research, with the confidence to connect your personal message to your audience!

Contact Penny or Office tel: 212-595-1321; Mobile tel: 917-992-9172

Photo Credit: C-N Group


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