“Cleanliness is Next to Godliness”

By: Nikki Nies

An elementary teacher, Ms. Courtney Lee Simpson, performed an experiment to teach her students about germs and how they spread.  Using three slices of bread, the first slice of bread was placed in a sandwich bag with gloves on.  This slice of bread was considered the “control.” Then she washed her hands and put a piece of bread in another sandwich bag, labeling the bag as “clean.” Lastly, she passed around the slice of bread around the classroom, allowing each child to touch the bread.  That slice of bread was placed in a sandwich bag and labeled with “dirty hands.”


Over time, the bread changed due to the germs exposed.  As we know, people learn best from visual transformations and partaking in experiments.  This is a great reminder of the importance of hand washing that will surely stick with you with the upcoming new year!

Whether you’re a teacher yourself, a nutrition educator and/or an adventurous parent, try this experiment yourself! You won’t look at germs or bread the same!

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