How I’m Studying for the RD Exam

By: Nikki Nies

With the impending RD Exam around the corner, I’m sharing not only my method of studying, but hoping this will spark conversation regarding what has worked for other people and what study materials I may not be familiar with.

On a daily basis, I plan to study 60-90 minutes, with a culmination of: log12

Wish me luck as I embark on these studies! If any one else is studying for the exam and would like to bounce ideas off one another, contact me and let me know! Happy studying!

Photo Credit: Visual Veggies 



  1. I used Breeding & Associates as well which was helpful, but my biggest piece of advice would be use your knowledge gained through internships and look back on past experiences and your decision making process. My experience was very different then what i’d prepared for! I don’t really think theres any best way 🙂


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