Healthy Eaters=Attuned Eaters

attuned-eatingBy: Nikki Nies

Healthy eaters=attuned eaters=you are tuned into what your body needs and wants, choosing foods that make you feel good while you are eating them and after. You don’t eat a lot of highly processed foods, and because of that don’t have a much of a taste for them. You cook at home frequently, even if it means preparing simple meals. You tend to use fresh, whole foods but don’t shy away from lightly processed convenience foods like canned beans and frozen vegetables to make life a little easier. When dining out, you intuitively stay close to your core healthy eating habits, making nutritious choices that still appeal to your taste buds, but aren’t afraid to splurge on special occasions.

Do you consider yourself an attuned eater? What benefits do you see with being a more attuned eater? What barriers in your life and/or environment limit your ability to be best attuned to your eating habits?Say no to diets once and for all, gaining more with fewer restrictions!

Photo Credit: Your Path to Fit 

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