Incorporate the 3-D Habit Stat!

Myths-About-Dieting-300x199By: Nikki Nies

We’ve all heard talk about the introduction of the 3D TV coming to a home near you, but how familiar are you with the 3-D habit?  If not, it’s a way to keep bad habits from getting the better of you. The breakdown of the 3 D’s are: determine, distract and delay.

1. Determine goal (and remind yourself of it).

2. In the face of temptation, find a way to distract yourself so that you can perhaps interest or immerse yourself in an activity that does not run counter to your goals.

3. Delay. Feel like you must have the carrot cake or the 75%-off Christmas decorations? Can you see if the need is just as urgent in an hour? Do you have a buddy you can call for support?

By having a set plan in place for how to react and best deal with tempting situations and foods, it can alleviate chances of guilt, shame and overindulgence.  Let’s all start the New Year with a clean slate! Better yet, let’s all start the year with clear 3 D habits(s)!

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