Review: Sabra

Original Image by Cooking Cinderella via Flickr
Original Image by Cooking Cinderella via Flickr

Disclosure Agreement: Review of Sabra was due to compensation from the company’s whose products were reviewed. We Dish Nutrition tested each product thoroughly and gives high marks to only the very best. Opinions expressed at We Dish Nutrition are our own. 

By: Nikki Nies

Sabra is much more than a company that sells hummus. Its a brand that offers nutritious dips, blends and salsas, continuing to reinvent itself and products for its consumers’ wants and needs. Yet, Sabra doesn’t stray too far from its initial product, hummus, which is created with simple, fresh ingredients: chickpeas, tahini and just the right mixture of herbs and spices. If you’re new to Sabra and “dipping”, you can’t go wrong with what you pair with the hummus. Get dipping with carrots, celery, pita chips, shrimp, kebabs, crackers and/or your favorite flavor of chicken wings!  As a spread, hummus can be used on sandwiches or wraps.

Recently, I shared some of Sabra’s dips with my friends and we were pleasantly surprised how tasty the newest addition, the Lemon Twist Hummus was more enjoyable than expected! Lemon Twist is a great blend of refreshing lemon with Sabra’s classic hummus.

I’m appreciative Sabra thinks outside of the box, experimenting with ingredients and flavors they’ve globally obtained.  Started in 1986, these Mediterranean—foods like hummus, eggplant dips, babaganoush spreads, and vegetarian sides have helped Sabra become one of my favorite dip brands.  In a short time, they have expanded to include Greek yogurt dips, which have 67% fewer calories and 88% less fat than average sour cream dip. Those that are vegetarian and/or gluten free can enjoy these dips as well, as Sabra caters to many allergy and food restrictions.

While Sabra is only a 25 year old company, they set a great example of how to be as eco-friendly as possible. Their new plant in Virginia has been constructed of 20% recycled materials. To make the plant as energy efficient as possible, innovative and eco-friendly designs include a reflective roof that cuts cooling needs and heat recovery systems that cut heating needs. In fact, at least 35% of the building’s energy will come from renewable resources. That’s equivalent to offsetting the yearly electricity use of 573 households a year!

IMG_9191An improvement I would recommend regarding Sabra’s guacamole is that its physical container is not consistent with other Sabra products. I wish the guacamole had a sealed container that could be used to inhibit the acidation of the guacamole instead of having to slide the opened plastic seal in the cardboard case. It’d be much more visually appealing and limit qualms I have of what is my guacamole is exposed to while in the fridge.

If you’re up to the challenge, use the Sabra for more than dipping chips, veggies or fruits. Sabra has provided some easy, delicious recipes. What recipes have you tried and can’t get enough of?!

Check out Sabra’s  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Recipes | Blog | Food Trucks | Hummus House | Singing Farmers | Wellness Nutrition Team

Photo Credit: Sabra

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