Review: Cabot Cheese

By: Nikki NiesCabot_Logo 2
Disclosure Agreement: Cabot provided me with coupons for free cheese to try. We Dish Nutrition tested each product thoroughly and gives high marks to only the very best. Opinions expressed at We Dish Nutrition are our own.
Milk, eggs and bread seem to be the storm staples whenever we’re told there is an impending hurricane, earthquake or snowstorm. While those three items can last a family of four enough time for a natural disaster to pass through, I’m an advocate for adding cheese to that list! While eggs are a great source of protein, adding cheese to any meal or snack elevates the flavors in a whole other level! Don’t you agree?
With more than 1,200 dairy farm families planted throughout New England and over 1,000 employees, Cabot Cheese would be ready and eager to handle such disasters.  Cabot has been partnered with Vermont’s Dakin Farm for ease and convenience, with consumers able to order online.  The decisions don’t end there! Cabot cheese products come in bar, slices and shredded form, ready to meet your cooking and snacking needs! Yet, Cabot cows are kept busy, also used to make cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, whipped cream, sour cream, cream cheese and dips!
I expect no less from Cabot Farm, providing a variety of flavors and mixtures to its consumers. While I can’t get enough of Cabot’s Muenster cheese, I have put that aside for today to make some lasagna! I decided to shred some of my own Sharp Light Cheddar for today’s meal. I’m impressed with Cabot’s line of “Light cheeses” and with the help of Regan Jones, RD and Sara Wing, RD, Cabot’s present and future products are in good hands!
1517709_658815820834694_205711366_nAt only 70 calories per one ounce serving, the Sharp Light Cheddar cheese has only 170 mg of sodium and 4.5 g of fat. Yet, the light cheddar’s flavor, thankfully, hasn’t been compromised.  It still contains the expectant savory feel of the regular line of cheese, but without the unnecessary fat!  As someone who’s always experimenting with new recipes and ways of making foods healthier, I used sliced zucchini instead of traditional lasagna noodles to add in more vegetables. The mixture of Cabot cheese and tomato juices added the necessary punch!
While making lasagna can be time consuming, Cabot has thoroughly provided its consumers with more recipes than one could hope! If you’re in a bind, check out their solutions for 2-Day Suppers, which promotes the use of leftovers as a means get easy family friendly meals on  the table! I’ve been having a ball roasting cauliflower for meals, so I can’t wait to try out more of Cabot’s Roasting Veggie recipes!
To be frank, I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the resources Cabot has provided its consumers, but when you have the chance, check it all out! Cabot hasn’t missed a beat! Make sure to use their handy guide on how to use Greek yogurt in replacement of sour cream and/or cream cheese, 5 Day Planners, how to add Health Kitchen Helper(s), in the form of your kids and the Brown Bag Builder, providing a step by step guide on how to pack a healthy, delicious lunch! For the lactose intolerance, don’t worry! Cabot’s naturally aged cheese has 0 grams of lactose and shouldn’t cause any lactose intolerance symptoms and/or discomfort.
In addition, as a cooperative, Cabot is owned and operated by its members-the family dairy farmers who are the source of Cabot’s dairy products. Cabot reinforces their business philosophy with a Co-op to Co-op Program. Not only does Cabot providing samples of their “World’s Best” cheddar, gift boxes and coupons, but they’re always eager to share the love of cheese with you! Learn how to participate in their cooperative extension today!
What’s your favorite way to enjoy Cabot cheese? Have you had your cheese allotment for the day yet?

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How Sporty Is Your Sport?

It’s not a coincidence that there are a myriad of sports. Whether you’d rather go at it yourself or love the camaraderie of a team the benefits of taking up sports always outweigh the costs. Yet, the amount benefited from the sport depends on the intensity, amount of time spent and weight.

Surprised to hear golf burns almost as many calories as baseball? Surprised how many calories you can burn while sitting? I know, sitting isn’t a sport, but it’s still worth mentioning the amount of calories burned!


Review: MeasureGlass

Original Image by MeasureGlass

Disclosure Agreement: Review of MeasureGlass was due to compensation from the company’s whose products were reviewed. We Dish Nutrition tested each product thoroughly and gives high marks to only the very best. Opinions expressed at We Dish Nutrition are our own. 

By: Nikki Nies

Adequate nutrition and optimal exercise is only successful when in conjunction with adequate hydration. While using bottled Poland Spring or generic store brand water bottles can be used as a gauge of how much water you’re drinking per day, as we know, it’s 16.9 ounces, what if you don’t want an entire water bottle? What if you want to partake in more sustainable practices and not add to the elusive amount of waste we have already created and accumulated? Glass cups and measuring cups are great addition to any household or individual that wants to quickly track liquid intake. Especially the MeasureGlass created by Mr. Rob Jones.

The concept behind MeasureGlass is great! As we all know, the size and width of glasses are all different, but by observing a concrete number of how many ounces you’re drinking per day limits future headaches! I know my competitive side comes out when I can visually see how many ounces I’ve had within a given time period instead of drinking from an ungraved glass.

MeasureGlass is sturdy and microwavable safe. Additionally, there’s no need to rummage through your cabinets to find appropriate measuring cups as the glass’ measurements don’t wear off with use. It’s worth noting that without a pouring spout, pouring liquids can get messy, so keep a towel nearby.

Future recommendations I have for MeasureGlass include the offering more than just the 10.25 ounce glass. I personally would prefer a glass that is a solid 2 cups/16 ounces, which is easier to track how much I have drank throughout the day. Adding up 10.25 ounces times 4 times throughout the day isn’t as quick of mental math for me as 16 ounces times 2.  The offer of larger sizes of MeasureGlass could be a great way to expand the product as well. I would be more likely to use a 32 ounce glass as I tend to be on the go. With that said, a glass lid would be a positive addition as I don’t want the glass spilling water all over my car.

I have also noticed that it can be hard to see the engraved measurements, so future MeasureGlasses might use red, black or blue writing measurements for the glass’ measurements to stand out more against milk or other nonwhite liquids.  MeasureGlass helps one track liquid intake by measuring out the amount of liquid one wants to drink at that moment, with manually tallying of consumption required.

MeasureGlass has a lot of potential and I appreciate the founder, Rob Jones’ initiative and contribution to the nutrition and health industry.  You can purchase the MeasureGlass directly from the website and/or from Amazon for $14.95!  Have you tried MeasureGlass yourself? What tips do you have for consumers to best utilize their MeasureGlass?

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Review: Canyon Bakehouse

Disclosure Agreement: Review was due to compensation from the company’s whose products were reviewed. We Dish Nutrition tested each product thoroughly and gives high marks to only the very best. Opinions expressed at We Dish Nutrition are our own. 

By: Nikki Nies logo_cb

I always get a chuckle out of how quickly food can bring people together. Mere strangers. When you find the right pairing of people that have the same interest in food, there’s no need for those awkward ice breakers or small talk! Perhaps, we can all walk around with signs on our foreheads stating what foods we like, that’s a quick way to get to know someone.
Not sure what I mean? I apologize, let me rewind. My parents have gotten to know one of their friends daughter in law over the last few months, attending her wedding and even joining the family for Thanksgiving dinner.  Due to my unduly schedule, I have not met her in person yet, but mother keeps saying how well we’d get along. My curiousity got the better of me and reached out to Maggie. I quickly came to find out that not only does she eat Gluten Free, but she is always looking for new ways to manage her Gluten Free diet. Funny thing is, I’ve had my share of GF food experiences. When I shared with her that I was reviewing Canyon Bakehouse products, she was happy to provide palate input, as its one of the only gluten free breads she can tolerate.
hamburger-buns-smTherefore, this review of Canyon Bakehouse is on behalf of a gal that has had her fair share of gluten free products, with Canyon Bakehouse taking the cake!  Unfortunately, a lot of gluten free products have been made hastily, leaving many products too dry and/or crumbly. Not Canyon Bakehouse! Like any consumers, those that have to eat gluten free want to eat soft, flexible bread and Canyon Bakehouse’s breads are ubiquitously soft, from their Cinnamon Raisin to their Hamburger Buns.
 The best part? I felt great being able to share some foccacia with Maggie. She has a hard time finding Canyon Bakehouse’s products in GA, but hopefully with increased popularity, the products will be more easily accessible than in just Target in Georgia. Thanks Canyon Bakehouse for creating a product that allows people to “Love Bread Again.”
Since starting in 2007, Canyon Bakehouse has been using only 100% whole grains in their great tasting gluten free breads.  With its co-founder Christi Skow’s personal efforts  in looking for gluten free breads that had the same amount of taste as nutrition as “real” breads, Canyon Bakehouse has set out to create bread that has the same basis
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Culinary Medicine

Original Image by Lucas Cobb via Flickr
Original Image by Lucas Cobb via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

Culinary medicine is

At the intersection of science, technology, history, culture and the environment, we’re exploring the global relationship between what we eat and why.


Summer Travels: Staying Trim on a Beach Vacation

Image by Drifting Like a Feather via Flickr
Image by Drifting Like a Feather via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

There used to be a time when dining out was limited to only special occasions. Fast forward to present day and families eat out because it’s Tuesday or because it is easier to grab a meal on the run. Yet, with the rise of dining out, in 1999, the Journal of the American Dietetic Association published a study reporting that the more frequently women dined out, the higher the intake of total calories, fat and sodium. With restaurants serving large portions, finishing all that is served and justifying frequent splurges of higher fat, calorie menu selections, moderation of such meals is needed to stay trim while enjoying vacation.

Still, making arrangements and reservations for vacation can be anything, but relaxing. Sometimes we need a vacation from a vacation as all the planning is exhausting. Rather than eliminating vacation from schedule entirely, a relaxing beach vacation where lounging and recharging are the scheduled activities can be sometimes what is most needed. Yet, before jetting off to the beach resort, make sure to use some of the below tips to stay trim while on vacation, returning much happier and relaxed!


    • Instead of equating dining out as an opportunity for carte blanche, remove the concept of obtaining ‘indulgences’ solely from food and instead focus on indulging in a mystery book, massage or quality time with the family. When redirecting indulgences to other great experiences in life, it will become easier not to overindulge in calories!
    • Order half sized portions, appetizers, share entrees or opt to take leftovers home for tomorrow’s meal.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask to ‘have it your way.” Restaurants are moreaccustomed to guests requesting (easy) modifications to dishes. For example, it’s not unheard of to ask for dressings, sauces and/or gravies on the side or for part of the meal to be “doggy bagged.”

      Original Image by Daniella Segura via Flickr
      Original Image by Daniella Segura via Flickr
    • Aim to “eat in” once a day! Staying in for breakfast or eating last night’s doggy bagged meal can save calories and dollars. Bringing along some low sugar oatmeal, cereal and/or breakfast bars can do the trick too or head to the local market to keep fresh fruit on hand for breakfast and snacks.
    • Sample delectable foods in “moderation” instead of feasting. Keeping treats to once a day allows one to enjoy the “local” food while maintaining desired weight.
    • Take advantage of surroundings and go for a morning run on the beach or afternoon hike. Take every opportunity to sightsee via walking.   The friction from the sand can increase intensity if desired.
    • The mini bar in room is the start of many guilty extra snacks and drinks! Hide the key or keep the fridge closed to limit temptation and overindulgence.
    • Traveling can be dehydrating. Add a few days in the sun and water requirements increase exorbitantly. When possible, keep ice cold bottles of water stocked in r fridge and have some water on hand when out. Also, keep the triple digit calorie drinks at bay with unsweetened hot or cold tea, coffee, sparkling water, club soda or by adding some lemon or lime to ice water. Enjoying a drink or two is expected, but keep in mind each alcoholic drink can add an extra 150-450 calories and added sugar.
    • Take on the challenge of ‘5 a Day.’ Daily, make every effort to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables. These efforts will aid in meeting daily fruits and vegetables quota and make one more satisfied with the added fiber.
    • Go easy on the condiments. For example, half of the fat in Arby’s Southwest Chicken Wrap or Ultimate BLT Wrap comes from the ranch sauce or mayo. Limit intake of creamy sauces or soups, opting for ketchup, marinara, mustard or BBQ sauce, which tend to be less than 25 calories per serving.
    • Take advantage of the abundant amounts of seafood from the nearby ocean! Seafood is a delectable way to get your weekly dose of fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Make sure to order grilled or non buttered fishes as they are lower in fat and calories than the fried or battered dishes.

For your next beach trip, keep these tips in mind so you can have your cake and eat some fruits and vegetables too.