Review: Canyon Bakehouse

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By: Nikki Nies logo_cb

I always get a chuckle out of how quickly food can bring people together. Mere strangers. When you find the right pairing of people that have the same interest in food, there’s no need for those awkward ice breakers or small talk! Perhaps, we can all walk around with signs on our foreheads stating what foods we like, that’s a quick way to get to know someone.
Not sure what I mean? I apologize, let me rewind. My parents have gotten to know one of their friends daughter in law over the last few months, attending her wedding and even joining the family for Thanksgiving dinner.  Due to my unduly schedule, I have not met her in person yet, but mother keeps saying how well we’d get along. My curiousity got the better of me and reached out to Maggie. I quickly came to find out that not only does she eat Gluten Free, but she is always looking for new ways to manage her Gluten Free diet. Funny thing is, I’ve had my share of GF food experiences. When I shared with her that I was reviewing Canyon Bakehouse products, she was happy to provide palate input, as its one of the only gluten free breads she can tolerate.
hamburger-buns-smTherefore, this review of Canyon Bakehouse is on behalf of a gal that has had her fair share of gluten free products, with Canyon Bakehouse taking the cake!  Unfortunately, a lot of gluten free products have been made hastily, leaving many products too dry and/or crumbly. Not Canyon Bakehouse! Like any consumers, those that have to eat gluten free want to eat soft, flexible bread and Canyon Bakehouse’s breads are ubiquitously soft, from their Cinnamon Raisin to their Hamburger Buns.
 The best part? I felt great being able to share some foccacia with Maggie. She has a hard time finding Canyon Bakehouse’s products in GA, but hopefully with increased popularity, the products will be more easily accessible than in just Target in Georgia. Thanks Canyon Bakehouse for creating a product that allows people to “Love Bread Again.”
Since starting in 2007, Canyon Bakehouse has been using only 100% whole grains in their great tasting gluten free breads.  With its co-founder Christi Skow’s personal efforts  in looking for gluten free breads that had the same amount of taste as nutrition as “real” breads, Canyon Bakehouse has set out to create bread that has the same basis
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Photo Credit: Canyon Bakehouse

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