Where I’ve Been and Where I Want To Be

Morning all! If you’ve been around the last few years of my blog, you’ll noticed I’ve been a bit MIA from We Dish Nutrition the last few months, which I apologize! Where have I been you ask? I’ve been adjusting to life: adapting to my new job as the long term care (LTC) dietitian at Christian Care Center (CCC), blogging for Kitchology,  struggling with my own weight issues, navigating where and what I want to do when I grow up, working on my own spiritual walk while trying to take advantage of living in the DFW metroplex.

There was a time when I was publishing blog posts daily, which looking back, was crazy! I don’t know how I did it, yet as I’m growing older and wiser, I’m recognizing the importance of quality posts that engage you. Therefore, going forward, I’m going to make every effort write consistently and share with you what I’ve been up to.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at Christian Care Center for 6 months, as time has flown by. My colleagues have been very kind, welcoming and have made the transition easy. My mentor, Jeanne Gay, MS, RD, LD has been an invaluable partner, showing me the ropes and giving her insight. She used to be the contract RD for this facility until I came on full time and I’m grateful for her patience with me. Coming from corporate nutrition, at Brinker International, has been a change! I have a better understanding of the terminology, protocols and methods for Medicare processes, how short life is–there’s been so many residents that have come for rehab that were fully functioning prior to admittance and then are needing 24 hour care. That is very humbling, while also getting a wake up call of how much such care is–for a good facility, no less than ~$70000/month!

I’m happy to say we’ve successfully passed state inspection earlier this month, without any nutrition or food deficiencies! During their inspection, state didn’t find any food complaints, which is a victory in itself! I am constantly trying to see how I can bring more awareness to the importance of healthy eating in the aging population, with the introduction of nutrition classes, taste testings and healthier food events. It’s not a coincidence that I landed a job at a LTC facility, learning what it really means to work with an established, equipped interdisciplinary team while discerning how I can increase morale in the kitchen and helping them realize how valuable they are to the matrix of care.

During my time at CCC, I’ve also struggled with my weight like never before. Having access to a plethora of food, which is unfortunately more processed than I’d desire has made it very easy and real for me to gain 20 pounds in the last 6 months. I’m not one to step on the scale, so the only reason I know about this particular weight gain was because I had to go for my annual check up and unfortunately my clothes haven’t been fitting me well. Again, it’s been a very humbling experience as I’ve never been on this end of the spectrum, always eating less and having my clothes too loose on me.

Of course, I can’t blame the food at CCC for my obvious weight gain, as I need and am taking ownership, but I’m learning I need to make a more concerted effort to be active. I’m not a morning person and the little voice in my head that tells me I’m too tired to work out after work often trumps my desire to get moving. I’ve been looking into taking salsa classes as I’ve been wanting to learn and it’s a great way to get moving without the mundaneness of going to a gym! So please keep an eye out for pictures of my next salsa class!

I’m proud to say I’ve tracking my food intake on MyFitnessPal for the past 46 days, which has opened my eyes to the breakdown of what really is in my food. I’m trying to be patient with myself, recognizing I didn’t gain the weight overnight, but I am determined to get back on track and the fact that I refuse to buy new clothes is an incentive too.

Original Image by David Lytle via Flickr

On top of getting more integrated into my social circle it seems like all we do is eat out. As a budget conscious gal, it’s been a challenge. However, it’s stretched me to think of creative ways bring people together beyond the local fast food chains (e.g. I’m looking forward to taking my friends to the farmer’s market tomorrow and seeing what fresh eats we can enjoy together).

There’s so much more I could share with you, but to not overwhelm you, I’ll wait until next time. The last year, July 2015 to now has been a time of transition and I’m just trying to figure it out for myself. Until next time, can you share with me some of your transformation and/or transition stories? I know we’re all just trying to make it!


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