More Breaks=More Productivity

By: Nikki Nies

A week ago, if you had asked me how I spend my lunch breaks, I’d be stammering to give you a ‘healthy ‘answer. Like many, I try to cram in as much as I can into the 8.5 hours I’m at work, meaning I often times sacrifice my lunch breaks to get work done while eating at my computer. However, starting tomorrow I will be leaving my office on lunch beyond the occasional run of errands that I can squeeze in. Why is that? My friend has Wednesdays off and wants to spend lunch time with me! How boring would it be to have her stare at my computer as well.

We all know it’s the small steps that make a difference. While there are no plans in the horizon for me to get a standing desk at work, that doesn’t mean I throw my hands up and don’t try to be more active and move every 30 minutes. With the Dallas, TX weather unbearable during the summer, we’ve all remained inside, however, that doesn’t mean I have to stay inside the same place.

Original Image by InterContinental Hong Kong via Flickr

While my friend is only going to be visiting me on Wednesdays, I’m using this small change as a way to catapult me, literally, out of my seat more often. Join me in being more active during your lunch break, such as:

  • Not compromising my break into 60 seconds of chowing down my food while talking with colleague about what assessment needs to be done or replying to emails that have flooded my inbox
  • Venturing to the break room or once it gets cooler out, outside for a meal
  • Take advantage of local fare and treat yourself, even if it’s once every two weeks to the new bistro down the street or stroll through a local farmer’s market on your break for the freshest produce available
  • We all have to eat, so once in a while, grab lunch with a colleague. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn or how you can help someone
  • While stepping away from computer screen is great first step, stepping away from phone, iPad and/or any other viewing device can be be helpful to giving your eyes a break
  • Volunteer at local soup kitchen and brighten someone’s day can be rejuvenating for yourself–win win!
  • Read a book for pleasure–you can read the self help or improvement books another time!

I’ll never forget the time a colleague was using another person’s computer and commented on how many foods crumbs were on the keyboard and started shaking it off. I vowed right then to NOT be the person in the office with a food festered keyboard. I can’t attest that has remained viable. Sometimes we just need an extra push and encouragement to start new minor healthier habit. I know I for sure do! We all want to be our best version of ourselves, so let’s be more proactive by taking more productive breaks!  Join me in making one small change today and share how it’s working!




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