Challenge Yourself To Own Version of Elon Musk Challenge

By: Nikki Nies

This last year has a been a lot of self reflection and realization. I’m embracing more of who I am and am proud of the ideals I have formed. While we’re all works in progress, I’m grateful for the life experiences I’ve had and how I’ve learned how little I need to survive. I’m sure I’ve shared, but my time in grad school and my dietetic internship while grueling, was a turning point in my life. Not only did I become more comfortable in the kitchen due to the inability to eat out as much, but I became more eager and willing to have people over, fine tuning my hospitality skills and learning how to cater to food preferences and restrictions.

Original Image by Ashley via Flickr

Since I was restricted to eating at home and being creative to a small budget, that was my version of Elon Musk challenge. If you haven’t heard of this challenge, I hope you take a few minutes to learn how this 17 year old man lived off $1/day for a month to see if he had what it takes to become an entrepreneur. It’s certainly not the most exciting challenge to take on, but it’s an eye opener and helps you realize how little you really need in life and how much excess we have. Yes, I don’t know your social status or income level, but it’s a humbling experience to see how well you really are and how when funds are tight, you can make it stretch and work.

Now working at Christian Care Center, I’m grateful to not have to be so cognizant of every penny, but I didn’t want to lose that sense of minimalism or gratitude that was ingrained in me during school. I often times partake in the Pantry Challeng, testing how I can repurpose different foods, stocking up on ugly fruits and vegetables and how I can take advantage of Aldi’s remarkable deals.

If you’re up for the challenge, the Elon Musk challenge will require some planning, but I hope you try it, even for a week! Yes, Elon’s challenge stemmed from his curiousity if he could financially make it as an entrepreneur, but no matter what your reasoning is, it’s a great challenge to better understand your mindset and where your values and priorities are. Perhaps, you’ll realize how much you eat out and want to revert back to more homemade meals or recognizing how much food and money you truly throw out!

Please share with us how you plan to incorporate any or all of this challenge into your life @WeDishNutrition! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from all of you!


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