Nourish to Flourish



What’s Really in Nuggets

By: Nikki Nies


During one my undergraduate classes at Montclair State University, we were challenged to question what really makes up a food composition, how easily the food industry manipulate its consumers to believe what they want them to sell their products and why providing awareness of what one’s really eating is more important than ever.

Although, I was introduced to this Jamie Oliver video more than three years ago, it’s stuck with me and I can’t look at chicken nuggets the same way! Watch this quick video on how chicken nuggets are made, have your thoughts on “chicken nuggets” changed? Are you surprised to find out what’s really being sold as chicken nuggets?

The scary part, after seeing how chicken nuggets are made, a handful of children are still eager and willing to eat these “chicken nuggets.”

Photo Credit: Tomnomura