Center for Discovery

By: Nikki Nies  Center-for-Discovery-logo

This past week I had the pleasure of interning at the Center for Discovery (CFD), Glenview, Illinois.  CFD consists of highly trained healthcare professionals specializing in eating disorders, specifically anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and/or binge eating. While, I can’t divulge too much of my experience there, I can tell you that it exceeded my expectations. CFD has done a phenomenal job of hiring health professionals that work cohesively together for the betterment of those struggling with eating disorders.  The center is more than just about disordered eating, providing programs that include individual and family therapy sessions, nutrition sessions, medical assessments and monitoring.  Check out a programschedule to get a better idea of what “day” at CFD is like!

I’m so grateful Malak Saddy,RD, LDN agreed to let me intern for the week! With her vast knowledge on behavioral health and individualized nutrition care, she helped me recognize the importance of a “comforting approach!”

While my time at CFD was short, I am grateful the team allowed me to see first hand the treatment that the adolescent girls receive.  I approached this rotation as a means to better understand the field of eating disorders would be an avenue I would like to pursue in the future.  I emphatically declare that “YES” I can’t wait to pursue additional experiences and/or opportunities to help those with eating disorders!

To learn more about this fabulous network of health professionals, check out their website and/or follow via social media!

Photo Credit: ANAD


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