What You Gain As a Minimalist

Original Image by James Joel via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

I can’t give you a definitive calendar date of when my love for tiny houses started, but I’ve gone to every available tiny house open house available in Dallas, TX, watched [almost] every Tiny House Nation episode there is, applied to go on show and have my own Pinterest board dedicated to tiny house essentials. I can’t remember life without loving tiny things! Even the things I like are mini, such as tiny saucers and purses. After a quarter of a century, I’m quickly seeing first hand why the ‘less is more’ is so true!

Minimalism hasn’t been about living with as little as possible, at least in my life. It’s been about removing the extraneous, so that the essential things have space to live. -Leo Babauta


Why you should minimize some aspects of your life?

  • Less stuff = a greener planet. The fewer things you buy, the better for the environment. Rampant consumption is a terrible waste of the Earth’s natural resources.
  • Clarity of purpose and releases freedom of being tied down to ‘things.’
  • Less to clean and more time to focus on what you really want to do, such as exercising or increasing quality of life by spending time with loved ones.
  • It’s been found people dictated by materialism are often times have lower self esteems.
  • Able to save more and spend on more quality, fresh ingredients.
  • Promotes individuality and self-reliance

Yes, minimalism contradicts every advertisement that bombards us, but take back your life and ability to pursue what you want, not what you think you should have.

Sources: http://chemistry.umeche.maine.edu/CHY431/Basics/PurPyrm.html




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