Taking time to look through Grocery Ads is Multi Beneficial

2 For 6
Original Image by William Allen, Image Historian via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

I used to grumble at the thought of grocery stores not only wasting paper sending me fliers for their weekly sales, but said fliers would take over my mailbox. With over 7 different grocery chains advertising their sales items on a weekly basis, I used to think who’s got time for that? However, one day last week a couple of the food items from El Rancho caught my eye. I’ve been changed ever since. Before I continue, I need to share disclaimer that I’m still an avid fan of Aldi. Before last week, I didn’t look much further than this minimalist, cost saving store. Yet, my elitist attitude towards Aldi has changed a bit.

Now I avidly take the time on Tuesdays nights to look through the 7+ fliers to compare prices, see latest trends, recipes, obtain meal planning ideas, what’s in season, free services (e.g. flu shots) and better familiarize myself with the marketing of that brand. My ads go from Wednesday-Wednesday, with me often times writing down good deals and then rewriting better deals. It’s a great way to quickly compare what prices are REALLY the best.  Due to my tunnel vision view of Aldi, I’ve missed out on some great sales (e.g. I haven’t seen boneless, skinless chicken breasts for less than $1.99/lb., however, when I branched out and looked at El Rancho, they had the lovely $0.99/lb. price). Yet, here’s a copy of the notes that I took from my last Tuesday night:


  • Fiesta: Friday 4-12PM 99 cent 18 count eggs; 24 pack of toilet paper for $7
  • El Rancho: 4# sugar for $0.99; 2# tomatoes for 99#; boneless skinless chicken breast for $0.99; 128 oz vegetable oil for $4.98

I feel a bit dumb ignoring the above circulars for however x amount of time it’s been, but it’s better late than never. Also, if you haven’t noticed, Fiesta and El Rancho are ethnic grocery stores, which provide a plethora of additional types of produce that I might not find a traditional Kroger or Publix. Sometimes seeing produce in person is the push you need to finally incorporate achiote to meals!


I’m sure in your local area you have supermarkets competing for your business too, so sign up for email alerts and keep an eye out for foods you love! I’m grateful my roommate isn’t a huge cook herself and I can stop up on $0.99 boneless skinless chicken breast for months!

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