Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

By: Nikki Nies

I was perusing’s Hulu’s documentaries and stumbled upon this particular documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that was produced in 2011.  It follows the life of Joe Cross, who wants to revamp his unhealthy lifestyle.  Taking a handful of prescriptions is part of the wake up call that helps Joe want to finally change his life around.

He begins his change fasting, completely cutting himself off from food, which seems crazy.

He consumes fruits, nuts, beans and vegetables for 60 days. It chronicles a 60 day period of He first spends the first 30 days in NYC and then drives across the country for the second half of the 60 day period.

I like that Joe Cross admits he was focused on accumulating wealth in the form of food, not on maintaining his health.  I don’t necessarily support Joe’s act of fasting, but I found it interesting how he was mentally able to rewire his brain and choose healthier, fresher versions of different foods.

What I found most interesting was when Joe polled various people around the country asking if he could guarantee extra years on their life if they stopped eating junk, would they stop eating fast food?  A lot of them stated they’d probably eat the fast food anyways because they’re going to die someday and they want to enjoy the bad food.  So, what’s going to take for people to want to live longer to see their children and grandkids grow up?  Why are people willing to trade years off their life for a few quick bites.  One of the pollers didn’t mind being called “the fat guy.”  I’m sure he doesn’t mind too much, but how can we get the general public to understand that small changes can make a difference?

I recommend watching this documentary for inspiration as well as for some tips on eating healthier.

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