Biggest Food Label Lies


Biggest Food Label Lies

By: Nikki Nies

More and more people are carefully reading nutrition fact labels on food products, which is great! Yet, it’s always good to evaluate your “detective” skills and making sure you’re understanding what the nutrition fact labels are telling you.

Check out the above link on Eat This, Not That’s list of food label lies for more information.

Here’s a brief preview:

  1. Sunny D: Contains a large amount of water and corn syrup for a product that’s supposed to be a nutritious alternative to regular orange juice; contains artificial colors, sweeteners, canola oil, and sodium hexametaphosphate
  2. Natural Cheetos: Compared to regular cheetos, only contain 10 calories less; contains disodium phosphate and maltodextrin, which are the furthest from “natural” one can get
  3. Mott’s Medley Fruit and Vegetable Juice: Promoted as a great substitution to real sources of fruits and vegetables, but this juice doesn’t contain fiber, which is a main property and benefit of consuming fruits and vegetables
  4. Mission Garden Spinach Wraps: No real spinach found in spinach wraps; contains less than 2% spinach seasoning; contains yellow #5 and blue #1 dyes
  5. Doritos: Package states it’s trans fat free, however, it contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which are the primary sources of trans fat
  6. Chili’s Guiltless Grill Classic Sirloin: Sirloin’s guilty of containing 3680 mg of sodium, even though recommended daily intake should be no more than 2300 mg of sodium; sirloin’s aren’t guilt free!
  7. Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries: promoted as a natural healthy alternative to typical fries; however, they contain preservatives, added sugars and hydrogenated oils

This list should make you more hesistant by food advertisements, assessing what’s being said to be sold versus what is actually be produced.  Take a closer look at food products with these quick tips!

Photo Credit: Men’s Health 


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